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What Should The Participant Expect?

Starting Enrollment

Once you’ve enrolled the participant, they will receive the following email notification. They will select the “Start the enrollment process” link.

Verifying Identification

Next, the participant is asked to verify their identity. To do this, they will enter their last name and phone number.


Accuracy Is Important

The participant will need to enter the same last name and phone number used to enroll them in the program.

Set Reminder Times and Confirm Timezone

After verifying their identity, the participant will have the opportunity to set their reminders and confirm their timezone. They will also be reminded of the program goals.


Next, the participant must consent to share data. This consent is required to collect and expose the collected metrics.

Submit Measurements

After consenting to share data, the participant is asked to share their most recent measurements. Those measurements are:

  • Temperature
  • SpO2 (optional)
  • Cough Severity
  • Shortness of breath

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What Should The Participant Expect?

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