Managing Your Program

Making it work for you


With your registration and enrollment complete, and a device successfully synced, you can view your readings and goals from our dashboard.
Measurement Type(s)

  • The measurement types that you are able to see in HealthBridge are determined by your physician. Currently, there can be anywhere from 1 to 5 measurement types for a program in HealthBridge. If you have multiple measurement types for you program, you'll be able to switch between them right or left on the measurement type name.
  • Goals for you program are determined by your physician during enrollment. These are tracked for the length of your time in the program.
  • Each measurement type will display its associated graph. This graph will include all readings for the selected measurement type for the last 7 days. Each data point will be selectable to display a detail pane.
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Reading Meal Tags (Blood Glucose readings only)
Select the period which identifies when the event was captured. For instance, if you measured your blood glucose before dinner, select "Pre-meal."

Reading Comments
You can also add comments and notes to readings - to do this, select the reading, add your comment, and click the "update reading" button. This reading comment can then be viewed by your care team.

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