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Program Enrollment

Because knowing is half the battle.

Now that we've completed your registration to HealthBridge, you must consent to participate in your Organization's program. This content will vary by Organization and program type, but the concept is the same.

  • Consent to share data
  • Understand your goals
  • Learn about notifications
  • The legal rights and responsibilities involved in participating in your Organization's program.

Select a Program


In some rare cases, you may belong to several Organizations using HealthBridge. In this scenario, you'll be presented with the option to select an Organization.


Next, select the program you're participating in. Please review the program information and select "I Agree". This completes Enrollment and you'll be directed to connect your device.


Finally, please review the terms and conditions of your program. Once complete, select "I Agree"

Updated about a year ago

What's Next

With your enrollment complete, you'll need to link a device to your program.

Connect a Device

Program Enrollment

Because knowing is half the battle.

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