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What is Validic?

Hello, intrepid reader! If you're here, you are either researching the Validic platform or beginning the process of implementing our service. Either way, we're excited to have you. If you're already familiar with Validic, feel free to move on to our Quick Start Guide. For those interested in learning more about us, how about a brief overview?

Why Validic?

As you've likely noticed, the growing number of digital health devices and apps presents organizations with an opportunity to use data to improve their user's outcomes. However, accessing this data requires your Engineering team to spend valuable development resources building and managing integrations to acquire this data. Validic solves this challenge by providing a one-to-many connection to digital health technologies. Allowing us to focus on providing data, allows you to focus on innovation!

How does it work?

Simply put, Validic connects to hundreds of devices and applications and extracts user-generated data. Once the data is extracted, we de-identify and convert data into a standard format and provide it to Validic customers in a JSON format. This ensures that developers receive a predictable, HIPAA/Safe Harbor/PHI compliant data source, regardless of the connected application or device.

To learn more about Validic, please visit our corporate website.

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What is Validic?

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