About HealthBridge

We were bridging the gap between your data and the care team. See what we did there?

HealthBridge is the tool for participants to better manage chronic conditions together with their care team. You'll use HealthBridge to share your health measures with your care team and track your results. HealthBridge is only available for customers who use our Impact product.

How to Use These Guides

These guides are designed to walk through the process of registering, enrolling, and connecting a device to HealthBridge. Each section will naturally lead you to the next step, so we suggest following this guide in order. You may also view a comprehensive FAQ found at the end of this guide.

How HealthBridge works

Step 1: Download HealthBridge and enroll in a program designed for you by your care team.

Step 2: Easily connect your health devices or enter in readings manually (If supported in your program).

Step 3: Take readings with your devices, or enter readings manually, and track your progress over time. Readings will automatically and securely sync to your care team.

Get the app

Download the FREE HealthBridge app from the Apple App Store or Google Play .

The HealthBridge app can be installed on an Android or iOS device. Devices must meet the following minimum requirements:

Android requirements

  • Supported on Android smartphones and tablets with:
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Android version 8.0 or later

Apple iOS requirements

  • Supported on iPhone and iPod Touch with:
  • iOS 16 or later


Android Compatibility

Phones that feature an Android (Go edition) operating system have not been tested with the HealthBridge app. These phones may not be compatible due to storage constraints.

What’s Next

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