Dexcom G7 CGM meter support added

We have expanded the Dexcom cloud integration to support CGM events and estimated glucose values (EVGs) from the G7, Dexcom’s latest generation meter.

Marketplace connection activity added to the Streaming API

The Inform Streaming API can now be used to receive events when a user connects to or disconnects from an API/cloud-based source via the Validic Marketplace. With this change, you can be notified when the connection status of API-based sources changes.

Fitbit Health Metrics added

As of Monday September 26, 2022, the following Inform API health metrics will be populated when users grant access to the appropriate scopes and data is provided by Fitbit. This data will appear in summaries records for users when captured by their Fitbit smartwatch.

Fitbit workouts expanded to include device object

In August 2022, we updated the device object for Fitbit workouts records to report the Fitbit device name when that information is reported to us by Fitbit. Device names will be reported as the "model" in the "source" object of Fitbit workout records, as shown below:

Added new "out_of_bounds_blood_glucose" tag to Inform API

On 06/29/2021 the following "tags" were added to the Inform API:

Additional activity metrics added to Inform API

On 06/16/2021 the following activity metrics are added to the Inform API.


Phone diagnostic information now returned in mobile records

On 5/14/2020 the Inform API was updated to return phone diagnostic information for records of source type "apple_health", "bluetooth", "google_fit_sdk", "vitalsnap", and "samsung_health". An example is provided below.


Nokia source type updated to Withings

On 3/5/2020 we updated the source type for Withings records from "nokia" to "withings". All new Withings records will have a source type of "withings". However, when making a call to the API and using a source filter of either "nokia" or "withings" records of both source types will be returned. Here is a sample of how this field will appear after this change:


Additional weight metrics added to Inform API

On 03/24/2020 the following weight metrics were added to the Inform API.


Nutrition model expanded to include food object

We expanded the nutrition model to include foods consumed in the meal segments. This will take effect in early February.
A sample payload can be found here.