Accessing Data

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The Inform Platform offers two methods to retrieve device generated data:

  • Streaming API (for all user data)
  • REST API (for individual user data)

The same data is available through both APIs and they can be used concurrently. As a result, your use case should determine when to use which API. The following section will help you make that determination.

3. Accessing the Data

Streaming API

The stream is intended to be used by customers to consume and process all of their users' data. To use this API, you will first create a stream resource and then connect one or more clients to this resource, via the /connect endpoint. A stream resource will automatically load balance the event stream across the connected clients. The load balancing will partition across the connected clients based upon user ID, ensuring that a single user's data will only be sent to one client. The event stream will automatically rebalance as clients connect or disconnect from the stream resource. To horizontally scale your ability to process the data provided by the stream, connect additional clients to the stream resource.
The stream resource will internally keep track of which events were streamed to a client. If all of a customer's clients are disconnected, upon reconnecting to the stream resource, the re-connected clients will start receiving events since the last connected client's disconnect.
###Stream API Summary

  • Streams data for all users within an organization in near-real time
  • Can be filtered by resource
  • Can support up to five streams
  • Supports load-balancing across all streams
  • Can replay a stream
  • Maintains 30 days of data within a stream


The Validic REST API is designed specifically for customers who would like to integrate the web & mobile applications with wellness data from Validic. The API will give full access to users wellness data. The REST API is designed to provide data for a specific user for a specific period of time.

REST API Summary

  • Can access data from one user per request
  • Is limited to 30 days per request
  • Can access up to one year of data
  • Does not include Push Notifications
  • The REST API is limited to 2,000 requests per access token, per hour

What’s Next

Which API is best for your team?