User Notes

Several sources of data allow the user to provide additional contextual information. An example of this is when a user enters a note on a workout, or whether a blood glucose measurement occurred before or after a meal. This data is standardized into various user note types shown below.
Working with user notes
The Validic API supports an expanding list of user note types in an effort to succinctly present data recorded by a user. Any supported user note type may exist within any resource record for a user. When ingesting data off the Stream or RESTful APIs, the developer can iterate through the list of user notes verifying each type to determine whether or not the type contains data relevant to their use case. If an event contains no user note data, then the ‘user_notes’ field will return an empty array.

TypeDefinitionData TypeValues
messageUser entered information about the event. Limited to 1,000 characters.StringN/A
relationship_to_mealTemporal context about the event and a meal.Stringafter,
relationship_to_medicationTemporal context about the event and medication.Stringafter,


"user_notes": [
          "type": "message",
          "value": "test user note"
          "type": "relationship_to_meal",
          "value": "before"
          "type": "relationship_to_medication",
          "value": "after"

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