Inform Platform Overview

The Validic Inform Platform is designed to enable a simple, standardized connection between our customers and their end users' mobile health, wellness apps, and devices. The Inform Platform includes two methods to retrieve data and several key features, which we've listed below.

Connection Methods


The Inform REST API uses token-based authentication to manage and automate the creation of user accounts. All communication with the API is performed through HTTPS, and errors are communicated through HTTP response codes. All requests return JSON data.

Inform Streaming API

The Inform Streaming API gives developers access to all of their data through a continuous stream of data in near-real time over an HTTP(S) connection using SSE (Server Sent Events). A streaming client will be pushed data, without any of the overhead associated with polling a REST endpoint.

Core Features

A core aspect of the Validic API's is to vastly increase the speed of integration between mHealth app developers and healthcare businesses. Additionally, Validic provides critical enterprise features needed by healthcare companies that are not usually provided as a core service by app developers. These features include:

HIPAA/Safe Harbor/PHI Compliance

Validic eliminates concerns regarding the transfer of protected health information (PHI), as all data stored in and transferred through Validic follows the “Safe Harbor” de-identification standard and complies with all HIPAA regulations.

Standardized Resources

App developers and healthcare companies rarely speak the same language. The Validic API translates information to something both sides can understand. All units are standardized using the open-source Ruby library Unitwise.

Easy Connectivity

The Validic health app marketplace allows for a simple, one-to-many connection for healthcare businesses and app developers alike. Validic makes it simple to connect with 300+ mHealth apps and devices, with our ready-to-use, responsive Application Marketplace.