Data Origin (Validated Data)

In the previous version of the Validic API, Validic used a metric called “validated” which indicated the data you are receiving was generated using a device, as opposed to being manually entered by an end user. In this version of the API, we’ve updated the method we used to define how the metric was generated. By using the “origin” field, you can determine the origin of the metric and make your own determination of validity. The following example depicts a metric which originated from the device, and one of manual origin, meaning the data source was manually entered by the end user. The “origin” field will contain one of the following values:

  • device: the data source indicated this metric was generated by the device
  • manual: the data source indicated this metric was manually entered
  • unknown: the data source did not indicate an origin for this metric
      "metrics": [
          "type": "distance",
          "unit": "m",
          "value": 237.05,
          "origin": "manual"
          "type": "active_duration",
          "unit": "s",
          "value": 301,
          "origin": "device”
         }, ...