To present customers with data in a predictable and easily consumable format, Validic transforms data from multiple sources into a standard Validic metric.

For instance,

  • Fitness Tracker ABC reports calorie data as “KCals”
  • Mobile Application XYZ reports calorie data as “Calories”
  • Fitness Tracker 123 reports calorie data as “Consumed Energy”
  • Validic consumes data from these sources and reports them as a metric named “energy_consumed” using a standard unit of “kcal”.

A Note About Expanded Data
In the previous version of the Validic API, we offered data values that did not fit into the Validic standard data model as “expanded” data values. In an effort to provide a more predictable experience in version 2, all source data is reviewed and standardized. If there is a metric that you would like to use that is not currently provided in the API, please contact our support team. Please include the:

  • Metric name (e.g. “hair length”)
  • Data source for the metric (e.g. “Fitbit”)
  • The use case for collecting the data (e.g. “our product correlates hair length to weight gain”)
    Our product support team will review your request and respond within seven working days.