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About Code Samples

In an effort to help Validic customers understand how our API responses may vary between devices and applications, we've provided users assorted code samples.

These samples should be used as a general reference and not an absolute record of what can be expected from each device. For instance, the values returned for a yoga workout will differ from a triathlon. Ultimately, you'll need to evaluate the devices you'll support and build your integration accordingly.


Updating Code Samples

When Validic adds a new metric to our API, we will attempt to update these samples, however, due to limited access to devices, we may not be able to provide these updates. As such, these samples should be used as a general reference. In other words, we'll do our best but we can't promise anything. That's a lot of fitness trackers to wear around the office and we only have two arms.

If there is a specific code sample you'd like included, please contact our support team with the name of the device and application. Sample data is limited by device availability.

Updated about a year ago

About Code Samples

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