Nokia source type updated to Withings

On 3/5/2020 we updated the source type for Withings records from "nokia" to "withings". All new Withings records will have a source type of "withings". However, when making a call to the API and using a source filter of either "nokia" or "withings" records of both source types will be returned. Here is a sample of how this field will appear after this change:


Additional weight metrics added to Inform API

On 03/24/2020 the following weight metrics were added to the Inform API.


Nutrition model expanded to include food object

We expanded the nutrition model to include foods consumed in the meal segments. This will take effect in early February.
A sample payload can be found here.


Additional active duration metrics added to Inform API

The metrics fairly_active_duration, lightly_active_duration, and very_active_duration have been added to the summary and workout resources for the Inform API.


Spirometry metrics added to Inform API

On 12/10/2019 the following spirometry metrics were added to the Inform API. With this the "peak_flow" metric has been depreciated and replaced with "pef".


"last_processed_at" added to users endpoint



A request to /organizations/:org_id/users/:user_id will now include in the response the last processed time for each source (null values are present if no data has been received)