Nokia source type updated to Withings

On 3/5/2020 we updated the source type for Withings records from "nokia" to "withings". All new Withings records will have a source type of "withings". However, when making a call to the API and using a source filter of either "nokia" or "withings" records of both source types will be returned. Here is a sample of how this field will appear after this change:

            "checksum": "ea15fbcc6482663d0360467113910ff4",
            "created_at": "2020-02-11T21:53:56.279Z",
            "deleted_at": null,
            "end_time": "2020-02-11T20:32:10Z",
            "id": "9d616fbb7d26c313f0bd7867b4b414ae",
            "log_id": "1857787115",
            "metrics": [
                    "type": "body_weight",
                    "origin": "manual",
                    "unit": "kg",
                    "value": 89.947
            "offset_origin": "source",
            "source": {
                "type": "withings",
                "device": null
            "start_time": "2020-02-11T20:32:10Z",
            "tags": [],
            "type": "measurement",
            "user": {
                "organization_id": "59ba7cdaf758800001c29216",
                "user_id": "5e41b3799d28a000b0f8c356",
                "uid": "withings-test"
            "user_notes": [],
            "utc_offset": -18000,
            "version": "1.0"