Returns all end users and includes profiles (minus connected devices) based on the organization ID.

GET /organizations/:org_id/users?token=:token

The following table outlines the possible fields which can be expected in the API response.

idstringValidic user ID
uidstringCustomer’s user identifier.
marketplace > tokenUnique marketplace identifier.
marketplace > urlstringThe user’s marketplace URL. Requesting this URL with the ‘Accept’ header as ‘application/json’ will provide a JSON representation of the marketplace. Otherwise an HTML representation will be presented.
mobile > tokenstringUnique identifier used to connect users to the Validic mobile solution.
location > timezonestringDefault user timezone. When retrieving data from a source that provides no UTC offset information the default timezone will be used to calculate the UTC offset.
location > country_codestringUser’s country identified as a two character country code using the ISO 3166-1 standard. Validic uses this information for integrations that provide data access based upon the user’s country.
created_atstringThe date and time the resource was created.
updated_atstringThe date and time the resource was updated.

Supports the following filtering and sorting:

  • Sort descending: ?sort[]=-created_at
  • Multiple sorts: ?sort[]=created_at&sort[]=uid
  • Filtering: ?q[]=uid=vpt12345sp
  • Multiple Filters: ?q[]=status=active&q[]=uid=vpt12345sp
  • Number of Results: ?limit=number_of_results (default is 100)
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