Before connecting to the Stream endpoint, a customer will need to create a stream. Validic allows a customer to create up to 5 streams (note that this number is the number of streams, not the number of client connections to the stream). Attempting to create more than the allowed number will result in an error. Please note that optional filters need to be assigned when creating a stream. This allows Validic to apply the filters for each client that connects to the created stream’s connect endpoint, ensuring all clients receive a consistent view of the stream.

HTTP Response Status

Response CodeDescription
201 (Created)Indicates the request was received and the object was created successfully.
422 (Unprocessable Entity)An error occurred and an error response has been sent with details.

Response Field Descriptions

idstringUnique identifier for the stream.
namestringThe name of the stream provided by the customer.
groupstringValidic name for the stream.
membersintegerThe number of clients currently connected.
start_datestringOnly events with created_at times on or after this field are sent.
resource_filterarrayOnly events with resource types included in this list are sent.
created_atstringThe date and time the resource was created.
updated_atstringThe date and time the resource was updated.
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