Cannot export iOS with Validic

When trying to export iOS for development with Validic included, we are seeing the following error: Failed to verify bitcode in ValidicMobile.framework/ValidicMobile: error: Cannot extract bundle from /var/folders/ng/5cfh5rfd6c390gf_j0l5xmzr0000gn/T/IDEDistributionOptionThinning.BT2/Payload/ (i386) Anyone seen this before and has an idea on how to resolve it?

Custom Marketplace - Additional display of supported devices

V1 of the apis allowed consumers to request for additional information around supported devices. Is this no longer the case for V2? Also, there are other properties like kind and platform types that are no longer present. Were these also properties also deprecated?

How to get data

Hello, I can create an user and connect a device but, when I try to call the API to get the data, it's always empty. (I'm getting this { "data": [] } even if data is available on my fitbit and http answer is 200. Any clue? Andrea

How Can I get Access Token from Validic ?

I want to use Validic services,But I don't know how to get access token for that. And i did not find any solutions for access token for further process.


Is the Dexcom CGM currently supported device?

Connection Error in Android 11 Version

Hi, I am using Cordova Framework, I am able to connect bluetooth device and successfully read the data in Android Version 6.0.0. But I am not able to Pair in Android 11 Version. I am getting error like this: { error: "An error occurred during Bluetooth communication. Please try again." peripheralID: 13 }

True Metrix AIR

When I try to read from TRUE METRIX AIR I got this generic message Error Domain=kVLDBluetoothErrorDomain Code=0 "An error occurred during Bluetooth communication. Please try again." UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=An error occurred during Bluetooth communication. Please try again. Device is successfully paired before trying to read.

Getting duplicate data from multiple sources for Sleep

When syncing data from apple health, we are getting duplicate data, since apple health is connected with multiple sources like apple watch, third party apps and so on. Is there a way to identify the source of data and priority source option in the apple health?

How can we get organization id and userid

How can we get organization id and userid