Different Data Model for Sleep Entries

If a day has two sleep entries, both do not have a start date and end date? is there any other DataModel in Validic where we can get this information?

ionic 5 support

Hi, Is there a sample ionic5 angular application with validic api integration. I could not find ionic support document.

Notification when a new device is connected

Hi, Is there a mechanism to get notified when new device is connected in a web application. I'm using Inform REST API.

No NPM Available to install Validic for Node JS

I cannot install any NPM for Validic. How can i configure it in my application using Node JS run time environment?

about Mi Fit devices

Hello, I would like to know, with what value is displayed on the object "source": -> "type" the device that has captured a measurement in Validic when it is a device of type Mi Fit / Apple Health greetings

about Mi Fit devices

Hola, me gustaria saber, con que valor se visualiza en el objeto "source": -> "type" el dispositivo que ha capturado una medida en Validic cuando se trata de un dispositivo de tipo Mi Fit/Apple Health saludos

Intraday Data is empty

I am using the REST API to call for Intraday data, but i always get ``` { "data": [] } ``` I know there should be data there but nothing appears The query i am send is: `https://api.v2.validic.com/organizations/[MY_ORG_ID]/users/[END_USER_ID]/intraday?start_date=2019-09-01&token=[MY_ORG_TOKEN]&end_date=2019-10-01`


Is the Dexcom CGM currently supported device?

Cannot export iOS with Validic

When trying to export iOS for development with Validic included, we are seeing the following error: Failed to verify bitcode in ValidicMobile.framework/ValidicMobile: error: Cannot extract bundle from /var/folders/ng/5cfh5rfd6c390gf_j0l5xmzr0000gn/T/IDEDistributionOptionThinning.BT2/Payload/HIGoals.app/Frameworks/ValidicMobile.framework/ValidicMobile (i386) Anyone seen this before and has an idea on how to resolve it?